HydroPro X10

HydroPro X10


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Nano Negative Hydrogen Ion Alkaline Water Filtration Pot

This portable filtration pot is a convenient way to get access to healthy and fresh alkaline water. This System filters tap water through layers of natural mineral stones to produce good tasting energy water that contains the best pH for human body to consume.

GIONO X10 water filtration Pot brings many health properties such as anti-oxidant, highly oxygenated, micro-cluster for faster hydration and the alkaline pH can help to neutralize acidic wastes in our body.


GIONO X10 Hydrogen Alkaline Mineral Pot – 3 Filters

10 Layers with highest quality and imported elements

Dimension : 300L x 240W x 540H (mm)
Filter Description
Filter A

GIONO X10-A Filter A – 5″ Dome Ceramic

*Suggest Replacement 2 Years

1.Prefect Ceramic Refill

 Filter B

 GIONO X10-B Filter B – 7 level Hydrogen Alkaline Filter

*Suggest Replacement 2 Years

1.Granular Activated Carbon

2.Remove Chlorine Ball

3.Ion Exchange Resins Softener

4.Hydrogen Alkaline Media-D500

5.Nano Hydrogen Media-D600

6.Alkaline Media

7.ORP Ball

 Filter C

 GIONO X10-C Filter C – NANO Hydrogen Akaline Base

*Suggest Replacement 2 Years

1.Nano Hydrogen Media-D600

2.Alkaline Media


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Filter Pot Test Reports – myTEST


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