HydroPro R10

Alkaline + Energy Water

Optimum PH at ~ 8.5. Preserved with good minerals

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

No electricity required

Rich in Negative Hydrogen Ions

The most powerful antioxidant agent in the universe

Nano Technology

Fine water molecules for fast and easy absorption








3-in-1 Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Water

4 high-grade cartridges

The only one with a filter tap for H- consumption

Alkaline + Energy Water

100% Natural Organic Materials

With Negative Hydrogen Ions

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The manufacturer
by the

is accredited
international standards

CICSFDANSFWater QualityDoultonUSAWRASWBCSIRIMAsia Top LOGOsuper health brandhalalCE







Withstand high water pressure of up to 5 Bar

Marine grade SUS 304 Stainless Steel Casing

High Resistance to heat, chemicals and deterioration

Food-grade 7-Hole PVC UF Membrane (Robust & effective)

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Master In Hygiene Technology

Improving quality of life through GIONO professional Hygiene Technology.

Latex Glove Supplier Malaysia

Latex Glove Supplier Malaysia

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Steam Generator

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Water Dispenser

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Water Filter

Water Filter

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Providing absolutely clean water, GIONO filter block dirt and metal rusts from incoming water source and effectively remove particulates, contamination, pathogenic bacteria, harmful chemicals and toxic residues etc.


GIONO uses 100% organic ingredients in our water filtration system. We only choose natural purifying materials such as diatomite, coral calcium, coconut shells, bamboo and charcoal base activated carbon etc.


GIONO improves the taste of water by removing unpleasant tastes, odors, appearance and other contamination. Softens hard water with special resins that are highly effective in biodiesel filtration process.


GIONO actives and ionizes water as well as converts the giant water molecules into small hexagonal clusters. It helps in body detoxification by improving metabolism rate and increase cell energy effectively.


GIONO regulates our body pH balance by producing active hydrogen ions to neutralize free radicals in our body. With strong antioxidant properties, we feel younger, energetic, and our skin will even glow more radiantly, naturally.


GIONO understands most people demand an easy way of getting high quality drinking water. Therefore we strive to provide a total water treatment solutions, external as well as internal filters, providing the best quality water.


Purify harmful materials and get rid of the radioactive elements found in the normal water source while keeping minerals vital human bodies intact. Remove chlorine and all harmful heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, copper & etc.).


GIONO applies the latest water filtration technology on our system to process water through high quality alkaline mineral stones filter and transform water into healthier alkaline water as it’s best anti-oxidant and pH level for drinking.


GIONO products are certified and accredited by local and international health and testing bodies. GIONO will assure customers that your product is
manufactured to conform to the nominated product standard.


The Best Water Filter Supplier

GIONO is a Malaysia-based water filter manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in this field. Nobody understands the value of quality products for drinking water better than us. We use the highest technology available for ensuring the super quality of filters and dispensers. You can rest assured that we shall only deliver the best as a reliable water filter supplier. We have gained fame as the ideal water filter manufacturerOur fame lies in the in-depth research we do in this field. Our products are available across all budgets, and we aim to deliver the same with as much of the same precision as you want. All the products that leave our facility pass through several rounds of quality checks, making us the top water filter supplier in business today. 

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