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HydroPro R10


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Nano Negative Hydrogen Ion Alkaline Energy Water Filtration System

This System filters tap water to produce high-quality good tasting alkaline water that generates the best pH balance for human body to consume. GIONO R10 Water Filtration system produce energy alkaline water that is rich in negative hydrogen ions by running through 6 cylinders of natural mineral elements.
Drinking good alkaline water brings many health advantages. Ionized hydrogen water brings extraordinary effect in removing free radicals and prevent oxidative damage, highly oxygenated, micro-clusters for faster absorption and cell detoxification. The alkaline pH balance can help to neutralize acidic wastes in our body.


GIONO ‘R10’ Nano Negative Hydrogen Ion Alkaline Energy Water Filtration System

Dimension : 300L x 225W x 375H (mm)

6 Premium Cartridges with highest quality and imported elements
Catridge Description
Cartridge A

GIONO R10-A Filter A – Ceramic Candle (Without Cover)

* Suggest Replacement 2 Years

1. Prefect Ceramic Refill (Material Made In UK)

Cartridge B

 GIONO R10-B Filter B – Granular Activated Carbon With Chlorine Removal Ball

* Suggest Replacement 2 Year

1. Granular Activated Carbon
2. Remove Chlorine Ball

Cartridge C

 GIONO R10-C Filter C – Molecules Softener

* Suggest Replacement 3 Years

1. Ion Exchange Resin Softener

Cartridge D

 GIONO R10-D Filter D – Hexagonal Energy Converter

* Suggest Replacement 5 Years

1. Bio Energy Ceramic Ball
2. Granular Activated Carbon

Cartridge E

 GIONO R10-E Filter E – Hydrogen Alkaline Negative ION

* Suggest Replacement 2 Years

1. PH Alkaline CTO Block
2. Hydrogen Alkaline Media-D500
3. Nano Hydrogen Media-D600
4. Alkaline Media
5. ORP Ball

Cartridge F

 GIONO R10-F Filter F – CTO Carbon With ORP Ball

* Suggest Replacement 2 Years

1. CTO Carbon Block
2. Nano Hydrogen Media-D600
3. ORP Ball


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Fitration Test Report – SIRIM
Fitration Test Report – myTEST
Shanghai Lab Test Report
马来西亚SIRIM QAS 国际检测证书


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