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Stylish, Healthier & Intelligentfilter

No more monthly fixed rentals and water bottled. Now with GIONO Negative Hydrogen Ion Alkaline Energy 3-in-1 Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Water Dispenser System, you can also enjoy fresh and healthy alkaline water in your home and offices.

Using a direct pipe-in system to process water through 5 high-quality alkaline mineral stones cartridges, it transforms normal water into healthy alkaline water with good anti-oxidant and pH level for drinking. Replacing the needs for bottled water dispensers currently used in most offices.


GIONO GN-FR3-H 3 in 1 Negative Hydrogen Ion

Alkaline Counter Top Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Water

Dispenser C/W Standing Filter Tap

Dimension : 270W x 490D x 1100H (mm)

KOR II 5 Element Cartridges :

* Suggest Replacement 6 Months *filter
Cartridge A : KOR II PP Sediment + Chlorine + Removal Ball

Cartridge B : KOR II GAC + Resin

* Suggest Replacement 1 year *
Cartridge C : KOR II GAC + Bio + ORP Alkaline

Cartridge D : Alkaline CTO

Cartridge E : DH600 Hydrogen